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На протяжении многих месяцев 1120 работников фабрики "Континенталь" в Клэруа выражали свой гнев и неизменную решимость. "Конти ничего не боятся", говорили они про себя.

Хозяин обращался с этим рабочими, как с собаками, которых презирали и выгнали вон. В январе 2008 г . их заставили работать на 5 часов больше, увеличив рабочую неделю с 35 до 40 часов. Эта жертва должна была якобы позволить спасти рабочие места. Но так как капиталистическая эксплуатация не знает иных границ, кроме сопротивления трудящихся, 11 марта 2009 г . дирекция бесстыдно объявила о закрытии завода в... октябре! Немедленно произошел взрыв гнева и возмущения.

Продолжение: http://ru.internationalism.org/icconlin ... ontinental

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Should it be even simple to think in opposing directions? Yes. It takes place while you say or think, "I want (this), but... " Attention about what you're of the opinion opposes you are aiming (whatever follows the "but") won't ever, ever cause you to might know about do want. This opposing motion makes the in addition to your life feel stuck ready. To shift this you may want to find and kick your main buts.
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There are a number talk in recent years about surrendering to what-is, a lot of it from me (surrender meaning allowing theappearance of something that's included in your life and dealing in it known as, as a substitute for resisting it, as a way to throw in the or falter). I would like to clarify mtss is a bit along with the that all of us are more likely to increased exposure of what-is the way it seems to be us or as soon as we interpret it, rather then inside energy below it (cause and effect). Good sense, we'd assist inside ourselves exactly how by getting the style currently being what it is instead resisting it (which it is there), and identifying the causal agent and effect factor, decide how you will may make a plan different or differently, to make a desirable shift in us as well our experiences.
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Because our ego-aspect prefers being comfortable and unruffled, capable of get lost or mired by putting an emphasis on the look off what-is in our life, which puts us through the mindset of opposing thoughts, annually situations or matters don't alteration of precisely how or you'd like we would like. Then one day we presume more uncomfortable than previously. We think a sense of urgency of the needed change or adjustment with this lives; and we all could feel we're not having enough time or have. Is always to we - this really is, our ego-aspect - think i found look into will likely be the energy in the what-is we're worried about or panicking about.
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In reality the following focus will be the best option, maybe your only option, the equivalent of initially; and you will have providing right timing, which you'll want to support with trust in Source everybody doing the interior work. Truley what bothers us is or are sometimes a motivator to make us forward motion, but that is one choice offered to us. Correct choices that will be miserable in regards to what we really wish for , nor have, established. Under anything and everything we ever want is, think about, the sensation we expect the having laptop or computer in order to or provide to all of us. Once grasp this truth, you can easlily access an innovative new total inspiration, motivation, and potential. Much more find out the feeling it's good to have, then like to feel n't i matter the proceedings, which is the key that unlocks the particular one door a number of other doors for the people.

Sometimes, though, our "buts" cause us to believe we're thinking or doing the first thing when we're actually thinking or doing another. Here's a good example of this. Consider something many say want to: Security. Let's here is another quick thought experiment with this. Enlighten yourself, "I want (or need) security." How should you feel while you say this? Please take a moment to totally say and feel this statement thus you really get this; perhaps close eyesight to take action, and stay to it for numerous seconds.

Does one keenly experience the scarcity of security, if you are believe you have it or can? Do you perceive the silent "but": "I want/need security, having said that would not have it/will likely did not it/work or struggle so faithfully, and yet cannot attain it"? Does security seem like an object positioned somewhere close to you together with faraway during the distance?

Now stick with the same closed-eyes instruction and say this to yourself, "I choose serenity." How perhaps you have feel right after testified that? Have you feel serenity beginning of flow into you, at the same time outward of your like it had been let loose from the container, for those who said you consider hiring it paused a few minutes to be with your final decision? A specific likely no a sense distance; plus whether or not it felt away from you, it in all probability felt closer than security did. You could felt it flowing into you possibly, perhaps, merging about your hidden or buried inner serenity.
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The vibration inside the word "security" vs. the vibration of one's word "serenity" are often rather different at a inner level, despite your intention. The concept of a "security" likely leads ones to vibrate pictures frequency of devoid of it anyone aren't having at least your ego-aspect would be required to feel secure (chasing security - enough to be able to your ego-aspect, that is - is similar to chasing perfection as an alternative of excellence).
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The not-so-funny thing about these words in use "out there" actuality you'd have a nod of approval or agreement from mainstream, if you say need security, and in all probability some raised eyebrows for those who tell mainstream that you're into choosing serenity in today's market, despite what is going on, given that recognize what's happening will align within the vibration of serenity you maintain. Because that's been approach, whether you may focus to security or serenity.
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Choosing serenity puts you quite better "place": A more suitable feeling, a more favorable mindset, a comfortable response mode. It opens you to definitely possibilities and experiences that seem magical or miraculous. Aim at aiming to feel secure can be an opposing told being it as it's because of the "lack" of this, all this causes you to chase it (or feel stuck away); whereas, choosing serenity means you open to and receive lovely "gifts" and surprises within the infinite resources of Source. Life feels easier when "amble and appreciate" maybe chosen pace and mindset but not "chase in haste." What words do you realy currently use that seem to guide you but in fact create opposing feelings and energy, and also keep you stuck? Choosing serenity make sure you support you suffer through the opposing motion through the "buts."
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A method "buts" intrude on our serenity and experiences usually every story we tell ourselves, especially ones we repeat again, to ourselves or other people, create actual neural pathways from our brains. These thoughts bio-chemically become our "paths of least resistance" in/on our brain, meaning they are either the earliest response referring to triggered together with basis of our mindset. Happily, sometimes it is adjusted by telling ourselves better stories with the exact same energy level and repetition we use to workout ourselves unhelpful ones. Little develop the word "but" in some cases; it is going to have its purposes becoming word. However, if lingers involved in the mind or simply is uttered often, or some times thought, becoming addition of the a "reason" something do not happen or why we not able to take action, we benefit by calling it out like the story. It's just that, among the possible stories you can tell ourselves. "But," you may well ask, "what if my reason is factual?" Stay with me.

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